Monday, September 29, 2014

Audio Program Featured in Recent Ad

Audio Production student Derek Carlson (and a blurry Daryl Becker and Cody Welu) were featured in a recent DSU advertisement highlighting the Audio program. The pic was posed during one of our Live Sound classes in the Trojan Center Underground last year, as we practiced setting up various live audio scenarios. Check it out!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

DSU's Got Talent returns!

Our annual homecoming week "DSU's Got Talent" show was another success this year, mainly featuring singers, along with a saxophone quartet performing Pharrell's "Happy".

Our judges this year were Professor Glenn Berman, Professor Michael Gaylor, and student Andy Meyer. They gave a lot of witty commentary between acts, and judged the students in order to determine three top winners at the end of the evening.

The first prize winner was Jenna Sorsen, who did a solo vocal rendition of a song that she wrote. There was a packed crowd that was hugely supportive of all the acts. It was an awesome evening of entertainment and a great way for students to share their talents!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Fall 2014 Semester Kicks Off With a Bang!

As is often the case when the new school year kicks off, we have a ton of exciting events happening in the first couple of weeks, including karaoke, a comedian, and a DJ dance. But before all of that, the Student Activities Board welcomed the duo, "Scratch & Bang", with audio help from the DSU Live Technical Services students.

The group has a unique twist on the typical dance DJ format. One of the members is a DJ, while the other is a drummer, which adds a nice extra layer of impact to the performance. The duo performed non-stop for over 90-minutes and played every song from modern hits, nostalgic classics, and some wild cards thrown in the mix (I think I heard the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song in there at one point).

The night started with a packed crowd of over 150 students, and the most exciting part is that only the Freshman had moved in thus far. "Scratch & Bang" put on a killer show that set the tone for the rest of the events to come. Now it's back to school this week. Fall 2014 semester is here!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The "Last Week Luau" Wraps up the Semester

Every Breath rocking acoustically
We finished up a semester packed with concerts by welcoming three excellent bands to play for our "Last Week Luau" on campus: "The Business, Man", Every Breath, and June Embers.

June Embers

Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate for an outdoor show, but the students set up the show in the Trojan Center Marketplace and the bands rocked out throughout the evening. The show was a great combination of acoustic music and alternative rock. It was also a great experience for the students to move all of our audio equipment and set up in a new location.

The Business, Man
We broke our event record this year, combining DSU Live concerts and Technical Services assisted shows, there were a whopping 42 events! Now, all we have left is finals week and summer is upon us!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Every Breath" Records in the DSU Studio

The acoustic duo, Every Breath, has been recording for the past several weeks at the DSU studio with Audio Production student, Kyle Vis. The posted this really cool photo collage to show some of the process as they have been making their recording. We are also excited to be welcoming them back for a live performance at the end of the semester for our outdoor concert at the "Last Week Luau"!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Folk and Country musicians visit DSU

There's been a ton of great live music at DSU this semester, including a fantastic show with acoustic musicians John Statz and Zachary Lucky. Zachary is from Saskatchewan, Canada, while John resides in Denver. They teamed up for a month-long national tour that had its final night here at DSU.

Zachary and John’s music covers a wide-range of topics, many about traveling and various locations, and some quite serious and deep, such as a song from John about a man suffering from a head injury following a career in football. As a part of the show, my wife Cassie’s “Design II: Color” students created abstract paintings that were shown on the projector screens. DSU professor Wayne Madsen also displayed his artwork around and behind the performers.

Adam Hammer paid another visit to DSU to talk to students about music career and perform an acoustic show. I was also excited to play an opening set that night for Adam, which gave me the opportunity to perform some of my new songs!

Lastly, we had a really stellar show featuring the bands Burlap Wolf King, a folk rock band from Sioux Falls, and Expatriate, an alt-country band from the Twin Cities. We had a great turnout, and the show was excellent!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Audio Student does Internship at the Washington Pavilion

The stage set up for the Green Day Musical "American Idiot" - Photos by Matt Lyon
Soon-to-be DSU graduate Matt Lyon spent the past several months as an intern at the Washington Pavilion Performing Arts Center in Sioux Falls. Over the course of the internship, Matt focused on learning skills in live audio production, but helped in nearly every facet of event production.

Some of the major events that Matt helped with included the "American Idiot" touring musical, featuring the music of Green Day, "Rain", a Beatles tribute concert, and several performances by the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra.

Matt said that the internship was a huge learning experience. Safety was always a key concern, and they would wear hard hats whenever working on constructing a set or making other changes to the stage. He said that he was really overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge that the audio engineers possessed, but was able to take in as much as he possibly could. Matt also said that his experience with DSU Live was a huge help in terms of knowing how to host a live concert event, even though the events at the Pavilion were on a larger scale.

Now that his internship is complete, Matt has just recently accepted a job with Daktronics and will be starting there soon. We wish him all the best!